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Believe in yourself as a doctor and in each of your patients. Each one has come to you for help. You can do it! Good Luck! Good Initiative with Good Intention to help the GP Registrars – Dr Iona Heath, Former RCGP President (Read more)


The Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) is a turning point on the path to becoming a General Practitioner – Dr Clare Gerada, Former RCGP Chair  (Read more)

Our website has been recommended as one of the great websites for CSA Preparation! Thank you, Dr Ramesh Mehay, Bradford VTS Programme Director, UK.

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Dear Hema, Thank you for all your help . I have passed my csa first time with you –  Dr Caroline Lukoda, UK

Dear Hema, Thank you so much for speaking to me on Skype Sessions. I have passed my CSA. Thank you for helping me to be confident through one of your Webinars on the ‘PowerPosture’. Thank God and thank you, my nightmare regarding the csa is over. Have a lovely day – Dr Fadeke Awobem, UK

Dear Hema, Thanks for helping me to pass my MRCGP(Int) – Dr Abul Hasan Amjath Sasan

Hello Hema, Thank you very much for your CSA help, I passed CSA with score of 81 – Dr Sowjanya Avula, UK
Dear Hema, Thank you for your trainings and the free videos. I was bit reluctant before I signed up your site but I am glad that I have done it now. I quite like it. Thanks a lot –  Dr Durga
Thank you so much Hema, I have passed my CSA at the first attempt this November – Dr Krishnan, GP, UK.

I am not a GP trainee nor a GP, but these videos are very inspiring and useful to me. I think we all IMG’s can extrapolate the contents of your videos to our day to day life in dealing with patients. I can certainly remember what mistakes I use to make while preparing for my anaesthetic exams after going through these videos and they are fairly similar in nature to this. Hats off to you for making it freely available to all the IMG’s. God bless you –Dr Pradeep Ingle · Topiwala National Medical College, Mumbai (Bombay)

Dear Hema….sorry to inform you that I’m not a csa candidate, infact I used your tips and videos to prepare for FRACGP exams and I am from Malaysia. Thank you so much Hema..You are really awesome and I have just completed my final FRACGP last week . ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU SO MUCH – Dr Pathma Yegambaram, Malaysia.


Hema, I think you are doing incredible job, specially for IMG’s . I can’t tell you how helpful and life saving your effort is. I can’t wait to attend your courses .Keep up the good work! – Dr Humera Mariam Salaria


Thank you Hema. I am preparing for the CSA stations this month and I am so anxious about it. For that reason, I watch your videos to help me. Thanks Hema! – Dr Warda Tamimi · ‎طبيبه‎ at ‎مستسفى 22 مايو‎
Hi Hema, Thank you for your time and kind hospitality. We enjoyed the course thoroughly. The ‘Right Mindset’ section was really ‘mind blowing’. You need to have this approach from the outset of CSA preparation if you want to pass your CSA. I am very glad that I attended this course at the right time so I can reflect and change my practice in day-to-day life to make it natural on the day of exam  – Dr Ansar Hayat, GP, Former Yorkshire Regional Representative, GPC Trainees’ Subcommittee, British Medical Association.  

Dear Hema, I am pleased to say I have passed CSA in this November. It’s been a pleasure to attend your course and you really helped me guiding how to prepare for exam. I am ever ready to share my experience of exam and I hope your help will reach many more like me. Once again,Thank you very much for the CSA smart courses. I appreciate your efforts and hard work to help us. The “Mind set “was really mind blowing because I practically tried in my surgery with some really good feedback today. I have a lot of energy and ability to deal with complicated problems and I am not seeing them as problems now. I feel like kick started and updating constantly will help me get even better and smarter. I think I am very lucky to attend this course – Dr Mahipal Vemula, GP, Doncaster.


Hema!  Thank uuuuuuu a lot. I have passed my exam this November. What a relief! Points I have learnt from you helped me a lot in my exam like – To be myself- stop to act like some one else and have a   very positive attitude during consultation and encourage pt a lot and make them feel friendly by using their first name when ever possible.  In the MOCK practice session you gave us feed back which helped I felt.    I have even asked you to do consultations some times-  I learnt how humanly and friendly you approach a patient. The Sunday CSA Rapid  Success Course helped boost my confidence as I lack this and it is very important for CSA. Thank you very much for your help  – Dr Bindu, GP, Leeds.

Hema, I have to admit, I like the verve and sparkle in your personality. I am most impressed by all this free stuff you are doing and in particular, how you’ve developed websites, e-books and a whole host of other things and  doing all of this to ‘give something back’ which I personally think is inspirational and admirable.  Again, I’d like to say how good it is to see an individual with so much energy who wants to contribute to others without anything in return – Dr Ramesh Mehay,    Programme Director, Bradford VTS Training programme and the Creator of  Bradfordvts.co.uk.
Thanks Hema, I hope you & csa smart group members will carry on staying in our group, giving this invaluable tips when you qualify next month – Dr. Awin Samad, West Yorkshire.
It is so true about the fact that we concentrate on how to score more marks and this takes away our concentration on the patient actor. Good tip, to just be yourself and just listen to patient need and address them. These tips seem so easy to listen, but in real exam, they can so easily forgotten cos of the stress and high level of adrenaline. I will write down the tips to remind myself…Thank you Hema. X –  Dr Aurora Cuka, UK.
Thank you very much for your precious advice, madam. It is very helpful in my preparation for MRCGP. Looking forward for more training – Dr Memonjawed 
Hema, Thank you so much. I have passed the CSA in the first attempt and it was very useful to revise with the help of your regular video postings – Dr. Anand Ramasamy, UK.
Hi Hema, this is vani, first of all I commend you for your enthusiasm and generocity to help registrars pass CSA, thanks for all the free videos and tips – Dr. Vani Kolli, GP Registrar, UK.
Dear Hema, Thanks sooooo much for all the help and support on your website towards the CSA. It has been so helpful! – Dr Geetha Annamalai, GP, Scotland.
Hello Hema, It’s great news from me.I passed csa!! Thank you for all your words of encouragement. It is finally over. Thank you so much – Dr Bimpe, GP, Preston.

Hema, Thanks again for the good work. Your website is brilliant!!!  Thanks for everything. The following points are very useful takeaway gems from your CSA Smart Group Course. 1) Important to always build a bridge for the whole consultation by establishing rapport with the patient as this will help make the pt feel at ease. 2) Attentiveness is very key in every consultation. It shows how well I’m listening to the pt. 3) Useful phrases on open questions such as; what happened? How did it happen? Tell me more? what do you think might be going on?  How has this result affected you?  4) Use of appropriate pauses to allow for response and comments especially in such a sensitive discussion as the patient above. Chunking and checkinginformation given. 5) Important to be sensitive, neutral and non-judgmental when discussing the probabilities of genetic conditions. It is good to be positive with the patient and not scare them that just because the screening test is high risk means the diagnosis is already confirmed. 7) Not every patient accept the confirmatory test for Downs syndrome so I need to communicate the risk involved sensitively to them ,tell them what it entails and give her the opportunity to decide even if she wants to take some more time before making  the decision to go ahead. 8) This applies to all genetic conditions, it is a sensitive issue and having a listening ear & being compassionate towards patients & family members by answering their questions or even sign-posting them to the Geneticist if necessary helps to alleviate their anxiety. – Dr Abi Bakare, GP Registrar.

Hi Hema! Many many many thanks for the Mindset Magic Webinar, where you talked about ‘What it takes to WIN’ and about the ‘6 Pillars of Success’.  The advice you gave was so valuable!  I am really looking forward to hearing/learning about your  ‘Divide & Conquer’  technique,  ‘Irresistible Reasons’  to make CSA examiner adore you, the 80/20 guide, and the Right Mindset.  PLEASE tell me how I can get the latter 4 topics/modules. Once again, a million thanks. More power to you Hema! –  Dr Tiffany, GP
Congratulations for your great success. It is very nice to see the blog you have started to help CSA takers especially IMG graduates. I am one of those trainees from the Leeds struggling to get through this CSA exam. I gave 2 attempts  so far. Then I spoke to you and You gave me huge confidence and support.   Your help and advice are very useful for me to pass my exam.Thank You, Hema – Dr BH, Registrar.
The Bible says: ‘The laborer is worthy of his wages.” Hema, You make sure we’re paying you what you’re worth. There are very few people who do what you do; you do it better than the vast majority of them and you are giving so much valuable CSA related content for FREE. Thank you, Hema – Dr M Matthews.
Hema, Thanks for your tips. Enjoyed your blog as well. It’s rare to find people who share information and knowledge to others.. Congrats and best wishes for your FB page and blog.  Keep going – Dr Priya Jay, Goodmayes, UK.
Thanks Hema – These are really informative tips for GPs in Practice.  Awais and Me need to prepare for CSA again as I   don’t know this super Knowledge – Dr Sadik Khan, GP, Dewsbury.
Hema, Wish we had somebody wrote like this when we took the exam – Dr Iram Shahid, GP, Bradford.
Hi Hema,  Thank you for being very supportive to your juniors. I have been using your website for CSA prep and must admit it is very helpful and useful. Thank you once again – Dr Ena Satish, GP Registrar.
Very Useful points, Powerful words. Thanks for sharing, Hema – Dr Ansar Hayat, Leeds.
Hi Hema, The videos on difficult consultations made easy and also the teenage asking for pill are very helpful and informative. You are doing a great job to help people like me to pass CSA. Thank you for being so kind to share your tips and support those who are struggling to pass CSA exam. Once again, Thanks very much. Dr Roshni Pulakkal, GP Registrar.

CSA made easy…Very helpful tips, thanks for sharing – Dr Salma Quraishi, GPR, Goole.

Dear Hema, Your Skype session was very useful to me. I learnt that I shouldn’t repeat myself doing the consultations as it does show I wasn’t listening very well to the patient. Secondly, I learnt that I don’t have to signpost at every point/ asking patients same questions, it doesn’t look like a natural conversation. Thirdly, to show genuineness in the consultation, that you care and want to help and not to give false re-assurance to the patient about their request. Thanks for everything Hema. – Dr Abi
Hi Hema, The session was very useful.You gave me good feed back. Watching videos was useful – Dr Himabindu, Leeds.
Hi Hema, I am pleased to say that I have passed my CSA exam. I have to say that your teaching, encouragement and help through the website has been one of the important part for me. Many ,Many thanks for your help and I will always remember,appreciate and support for your work – Dr. Vani, UK
Thank you very much Hema. You are doing great work for all of us. I read all your posts they are inspiring – Dr Ansar Hayat, GP Registrar, Wakefield.
Hi Hema, how are you? you seem to be busy doing a lot of things.appreciate your talents ;congrats on your jewelry work and achievements on that. I’m suggesting your website to my friend who is going to take up CSA soon – Dr Felcy Alex, GP, UK.
Dear Hema, You have made SUCH A DIFFERENCE. Thank you for creating a blog like this and trying to help with CSA. Much appreciated. I was not successful in CSA during my last four attempts. Fortunately, I was given final chance and was out of the VTS, doing medical locums. I came to know about you through my friend from Leeds. She informed me that she had free CSA teachings on Saturday evenings . I am grateful to you as You taught me along with her in your house. And My performance level improved a lot and felt more confident now. Thank you, Hema. – Dr AP, Birmingham.
As you said hema, there are many ways to be connected. thanks for reaching out for us (trainee) – Dr. Lutfiyah Awin, GP Registrar, Yorkshire.

Hi Hema!  This is Geetha. We worked together at Bradford in the elderly med wards. CONGRATS! I am so very pleased for you Hema! I was pleasantly surprised seeing your videos on you tube. They are very good! I am taking the CSA next month. I will be very grateful for your advice and suggestions. It’s so nice to see you on you tube. You can’t imagine how pleased I am to see a ‘namma ooru ponnu’ : -)  – Dr. Geetha, GP Registrar.

God bless Hema , you are inspiring.. Thanks for all the support – Dr Ehab,GP Registrar, London.
Hi Hema.Your works are really inspirational for me. I am preparing for the CSA exam early next year. Your website appears have the stuffs makes me happy. Thanks – Dr Msh Khan, GP Registrar, UK.
Hi Hema, good morning to you. I woke today not feeling like getting out of bed and really reluctant to do any reading or practice! I just got on your page and the first statement I read reflected this back to me.You are doing a great job and I am really inspired with your works .I am an IMG but a very brilliant and determined one for that matter. I have sat the csa exam twice and I must tell you it sapped away every confidence in me.  How can I contact you please. Hema, I am taking the exam in november…..thank you –Dr. Oladejo, GP Registrar, Preston.

Hi Hema, The course was useful. Especially the first module: boosted my confidence. I think all GP Registrars who are facing the fear of failure should attend this. This will make us realize the importance of positive attitude on the big day-  Dr B Yelakala, GP Registrar, Leeds.

Hi Hema, I have been watching a few videos on your site recently , Firstly congratulations for a great effort. Thanks- Dr Salma Burhan, GP Registrar, London.


Thank you very much Hema for all the help and inspiration. It’s amazing that you are still thinking about CSA though you passed long time ago and especially when you are on holiday. It shows your commitment regarding training others.  Have a good holiday – Dr SV Rao

Great initiative this and I really like the style you write in as gives it that personal tutorial feel instead of trying to learn an ominous list of facts! I hope you don’t mind me using it sometimes even though I have already passed my CSA (and therefore forgotten everything!) – Dr Malcolm Davies, GP.
Thank uuuuu so much Hema, I passed my CSA. Thank you so much for all the support and advice you gave – Dr Bindu, GP Registrar, Leeds.
Hi Hema, I have been looking on to your website last 2 weeks and have to admit that I do admire you! Not easy juggling with job and family, with all that to help us with CSA exams and the same time still make up time with your hobbies. Well done! – Dr Ena Satish, GP Registrar, UK.
Hi Hema,  So glad to hear from you! Thank you for remembering me. I am based in Great Yarmouth and am in the Eastern Deanery. Exam is in Feb. Very scared but also positive. Your videos are very helpful. Especially when I become a bit depressed and my hopes start meandering away, it helps to see your videos. I liked the webinar post. You are doing a great job Hema!! Keep it up! Thank you for the effort you are making. Dr Geetha, GP Registrar.
Thank you for guiding us with right advice and Magic mindsetvideo it is so helpful and build the confidence .Great job Hema xxx, Dr Humera Mariam.